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Using Toggl via is infinitely better than their app. I’ve heard it so many times but it cannot be overstated.

I think I’ve passed some kind of sanity line… I’m trying to figure out a way to incorporate using Git as a way to collect and organize my notes for work. I work at a desk job in finance/operations.

Leafs west coast road trip really messes with my sleep schedule 🏒

I don’t even live in the US but I have already set aside a not insignificant amount of alcohol in case tonight plays out differently than how I want it to. Please America, don’t let the good side down.

When Apple puts an A-series chip into a Mac, it’ll first be in the shell of the current MacBook and it’ll get renamed iBook.

In spite of everything, The Bravery are better than The Killers. Please at me.

7:09 AM, GO Train platform, surround by commuters. The strong smell of marijuana smoke fills the air. Ah yes, it’s October 17th in Canada.

Week 3 Picks: NYJ at -3.5, NO at -3.5, DEN at -4.5, CAR at +3.5, NYG at -5.5, JAX at +6.5, SF at -6.5, MIA at +3.5, MIN at +16.5, IND at -6.5, WAS at -2.5, LAC at -6.5, CHI at +5.5, SEA at +1.5, NE at +6.5, TB and -1.5 Season so far: 18-14 (excl loss on Thu this week) @gruber 🏈

My parents passed away two years ago. Today would have been my mom’s birthday. Still think about them every day.

Be the person your algorithmically generated Favourites Playlist says you are… not the super-curated ultra-hip playlist you try to pass off as what you actually listen to.

I broke my iPhone X screen… unintentionally, I swear.

Week 2 Picks: BAL at -0.5, CAR at -0.5, BUF at -7.5, GB at -1.5, CLE at -8.5, MIA at -2.5, KC at -5.5, TB at -3.5, HOU at +2.5, IND at -5.5, LA at +12.5, DET at -5.5, DEN at +5.5, NE at +2.5, DAL at +2.5, CHI at +3.5 Season so far: 8-8 (excl. my loss on Thur. this week) @gruber 🏈

I haven’t listened to the full broadcast in a few years… I usually opt for the Howard TV documentary they put together a while back, but every year I re-listen to Stern from Sept 11, 2001. I can remember sitting in my Biology class in high school listening (covertly, as always) to it unfold live. It’s surreal, still. What a tremendous broadcast.

Very related - I recently finished re-watching Friday Night Lights (for the third time) and I think I’m ready to declare it the best/my favourite network TV drama series. Such a complete five-season story. There’s very little to criticize about it 🏈📺

I made a Siri Shortcut in which the only action is “Play Friday Night Lights soundtrack” (the TV show) and it might be the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

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