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Derby Day

When my kids are older and actually want to watch this I won’t be relegated to an iPad in the kitchen #toffees #derbyday ⚽️

Weekend Trip

Look at silly me going away for a weekend with a 4 and 1 year-old thinking I’ll be able to actually read a book… 📚📷

The Lake

We had to cut the vacation short but it was still nice to spend a couple days by a lake with the family.

Ipod Classic

When was the last time you synched mp3s over USB…. this feels so backwards.


Toronto, Toronto, Toronto, Toronto. Go Leafs Go, Lets Go Raptors, Lets Go Blue Jays, Come on You Reds!

Go Leafs Go

Here’s hoping for an exciting playoff run #goleafsgo

Put Your Sticks Out

It’s amazing to see the support coming from the hockey community around the world for the Humboldt community. Just an awful thing for the families and community to have to go through. #PutYourSticksOut

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