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wilt rn 005 🎶

Here’s the fifth What I’m Listening To Right Now playlist:

  1. The 1975 - Me & You Together Song
  2. Fickle Friends - Pretty Great
  3. Tove Lo - Bikini Porn
  4. The Naked and Famous - Sunseeker
  5. Soccer Mommy - circle the drain
  6. Dean Lewis - Hold of Me
  7. Phoebe Bridgers - Smoke Signals

I’ve sat on this playlist for a little while so some of the songs aren’t too new. I listened to it a couple times over the last few days and Pretty Great, Sunseeker, and Circle the Drain are still standouts.

If you’re into music, podcasts, or behind-the-scenes stuff (ideally all three), check out the recent Song Exploder podcast with Soccer Mommy talking about Circle the Drain.

wilt rn 005