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In My Queue 004 🎶

Here’s the fourth In My Queue playlist:

  1. Tokyo Police Club - Hundred Dollar Day
  2. Bahamas - Up With The Jones
  3. Jessie Reyez - NO ONE’S IN THE ROOM
  4. Phoebe Bridgers - If We Make It Through December
  5. Rhye - Black Rain
  6. MONEYPHONE - Indecision
  7. Lights & MYTH - Batshit

Realistically my queue is just the new Taylor Swift album but there are at least a few other songs I’ve come across lately that I’ve liked. Before I read that the “new” TPC song was an outtake from the Champ album I thought to myself, “This sounds like the Champ album”. Phoebe Bridgers continues to impress. She’s getting to that, “I’d listen to to them sing the phone book” level of consistent enjoyment of her music.

This playlist is a part of a music newsletter I’ve started called Notes on Notes. Check out the newsletter here. Of course it’s on Substack.

IMQ 004