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In My Queue 005 🎶

Here’s the fifth In My Queue playlist:

  1. bülow - Lost
  2. Bright Eyes - Miracle of Life
  3. Tokyo Police Club - Rubber Bands
  4. Delaney Jane - Just as Much (feat. Virginia To Vegas)
  5. DVBBS - Need U
  6. K.Flay - Self Esteem
  7. Foxes - Hollywood
  8. Sir Sly - Little Deaths
  9. Ryan Adams - Birmingham

Getting close to the year-end wrap-up but for now a few tracks that have been in my ears for the last little while. That DVBBS track isn’t new but it came up in a recent Apple Music playlist and I was reminded how much I enjoyed listening to it. New-ish tracks from Ryan Adams, TPC, Foxes, and Sir Sly round out a bit of eclectic mix.

This playlist is a part of a music newsletter I’ve started called Notes on Notes. Check out the newsletter here. Of course it’s on Substack.

IMQ 005