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45 Blames Both Sides in Virginia

On Monday night, he was tweeting his frustration, accusing the “fake media” of never being satisfied. But by Tuesday morning, the president was fuming again. At a scheduled event about the permitting process for infrastructure, 45 asked for questions — contrary to the wishes of his aides, including John F. Kelly, his new chief of staff, who stood to the side, looking grim.

This is mostly here for posterity. I would prefer to write something longer but am not a good enough writer to do it justice. After more than year of watching 45 do things that would have ended any other politician’s career - and each time thinking “He’s never going to get out of this one, they got ‘em” - the reaction to his terrible handling of what happened in Charlottesville seems different than the other times. I am optimistic that this may actually change things. Having said that, it is depressing that it will not at all be surprising if this is just another thing in the long list of his shameful actions that we just move past.

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