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All-In On iPad Pro

Firstly, some people thought when I tweeted about this that I meant the iPad Pro would be my only portable computer and that I would still have a desktop computer. Not so. My intention is that the iPad Pro will be my only personal computer.

What I mean by that is that 99% of my computing will be done on my iPad Pro or my iPhone.

I have quasi-consciously been making an effort to move all but server-related-and-scheduled-task-based computing over to iOS for a couple of years and still read this and thought to myself, “Well that’s not possible,” and I assume that most people would have a similar reaction. The variable in all of this for a lot of people will be their job - despite the tech blog crowd being largely self-employed or lucky enough to work for companies with great BYOD support, there are a lot of people working at jobs where they have no control over the tools they use. If you, like me, find yourself in that situation, I have found it is best to just eliminate anything work-based from the equation because there is nothing you can do about it1.

If only personal computing is considered, I would wager that a lot of your computing is already done on iOS (or some other mobile OS). It sounds weirder in the abstract than it is in practice. I am looking forward to writing a post about how I have approached the problem (Spoiler dong: The CloudTM) but Fraser covers almost everything that I eventually will.

  1. Aside from banging your head against a wall to try and integrate your own devices without breaking any code of conduct or best practice… which is impossible. ↩︎

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