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Blowing Up An NBA Team Is Never The Only Option

Even when playoff runs come up short, they can help to bring a community together and give fans memories that last a lifetime. That is meaningful.

In high school, my fri​ends and I moved the furniture from my parent’s living room out into the backyard so we could watch Maple Leaf playoffs games. The Maple Leafs vs Bruins game seven heart break from a couple years ago has become a “where were you when it happened” type story amongst friends and colleagues. The good and the bad have created equally long-lasting memories.

The odds are that your favorite team isn’t going to win a championship. There has to be a middle ground. Life is too short to live any other way.

This is a very good point and is antithetical to what someone who calls themselves a die-hard sports fan would say… but I like it. A championship is obviously the preference but being able to cheer for a team that is consistently a contender to win-it-all should not be frowned upon.

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