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Chuck Klosterman Talks About Nazis, Taylor Swift And The Future Of Journalism

Media is not a one-way relationship, it’s this two-way relationship where many people feel the reason they are consuming media is to respond to it. That it’s not for the content, it’s so that they can sort of use that content to have their response.

In this pod of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Chuck Klosterman is talking about how the profession of writing has changed. Previously, publishing the article would be the end of the process but now it is the middle because there is so much interaction that takes place only after something is made available. I enjoy Chuck Klosterman’s writing and this was a good interview that I would recommend, but it brought up something else I have been thinking about and discussing with friends for a while now.

I still do not feel like I can properly articulate my thoughts, but I find the current situation of the quick, off-hand response to everything that happens to be off-putting. I love that social media platforms have given people a chance to share opinions. I love that it is easier than ever to communicate with people. But I feel like this opportunity is often abused. I am of the opinion that people over-value the importance of their take on whatever is currently happening. As if having an immediate response to everything is required and reflection is discouraged. As if having a response to something is more valuable than actually creating something. On top of that, it feels like it has led to a situation where nuance is no longer welcome; you are either for something or against it, and not only do you have to take that stance immediately, any change to your stance is viewed as a weakness - not as a sign of intelligence or your ability to reflect and process new information. As if digging in your heels is the appropriate response.

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