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Hey Millennials, Your Mom Is About To Follow You On Snapchat

It’s part of a mounting body of evidence suggesting Snapchat is on the verge of its “mom moment,” the point at which a social media platform tips from niche network to mainstream sensation and becomes the type of thing your mother will start using.

This will be interesting to watch unfold. Having been a very early user of Facebook1 I have watched the network expand and with each additional feature or change there seems to be backlash, or “backlash”, suggesting that Facebook is no longer cool and is headed downhill. That kind of reaction has not happened yet with Snapchat.

However, with the success of Snapchat’s Story product, people can now be much more passive on the platform and just consume.

The Story part of Snapchat is what catches my interest. I like that the posts are not permanent. I like that because it is only available for 24-hours, if you step away from the service for a few days you do not have a backlog that you “have to” catch-up on. I like that you have to intentionally select a person to view their story - not be fed bits and pieces from everyone you follow, whether you want it or not.

As a direct messaging platform - text and photos - I do not like it. I prefer to have the conversation history as I find most of my chats with friends are spread out over days and without seeing that history and what I should be responding to, I would be lost.

  1. Because I wear it like a badge, I have to point out that I no longer use Facebook… not because it is not cool enough for me, but because it serves no purpose for me. ↩︎

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