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I Hate New Year’s Resolutions. Here Are My New Year’s Resolutions

  • Read five books
  • Exercise ten times every month
  • Meditate fifteen times every month
  • Put my devices down earlier in the evening

I don’t actually hate New Year’s resolutions, they’re just really cliched and that makes me instinctively want to avoid them. But just as opening a new notebook gives you the sense of a fresh start - even though you can start that new notebook in the middle of the sentence that ended your previous notebook - so too does flipping the calendar to a new year. It’s very much just the next day picking up where yesterday left off… but if you want it to be, it can also very much mark the start of something1.

Hope springs eternal.

Happy New Year everyone.

  1. But also, as Merlin has often said (give or take) - if you were going to change something, you would have already changed it. ↩︎