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In The Future, We Will Photograph Everything And Look At Nothing

In the future, he said, the “real value creation will come from stitching together photos as a fabric, extracting information and then providing that cumulative information as a totally different package.”

I am not sure this was the intention of the quote but it made me think of AI in photo editing and all of the transformative things it can do. I can already imagine the negative response to it but I find it fascinating.

My first example is not AI but compositing two photos to make a single photo. On the surface it looks fake. It looks doctored. It looks… amazing. This photographer took two photos and stitched them together to make a photo more interesting than either of the two individual photos on their own.

This was taken during the most recent eclipse in Toronto. Here is a link to the Instagram page of the person who took it.

CN Tower and the eclipse

This other example I came across last week is an AI application. By taking different focal lengths and combining them, the distances and size of objects that have been captured can be altered to create a more appealing photo. Here is the YouTube video.

This is the kind of thing that will make photographers feel weird… but I am positive it is not the first time that something new has made an established group feel uncomfortable.

Link to the article →