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Music Project

My best friend - and best man - consistently wrote reviews of concerts and albums on his personal blog (which later moved to a more music-focused blog). It dates back to when we were in high school and carried on into and beyond our university days.

While he certainly went to way more concerts than I did, what always appealed to me was his annual ‘Best Of’ post where he outlined his favourite songs and albums from the previous year. In the same way that keeping any kind of journal would allow you to look back at your former self, these lists provide an unbiased look at his musical tastes through the years.

I have made several previous attempts at putting together a list but have had zero success. I am going to attempt to go back in time using my iTunes library, my account, Stefan’s annual lists, various annual music awards (like the Polaris Prize), and other annual Best-Of lists to attempt to recreate my favourite songs and albums from as many previous years as I can. I expect the biggest issue will be avoiding bias while putting together the list; trying to re-write history to seem cooler than I actually was and hide bands like Crazy Town from appearing on any list.

I want to regularly post playlists of music that I am currently listening to but want to force myself to tackle this project first. Hopefully that is enough of a motivator.