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The Wrist

When I wear the Apple Watch I feel as though I am never out of contact. Tap, tap — your turn on this game. Tap, tap – someone made a joke about you in Slack. Tap, tap – unimportant text message. Tap, tap – news news news.

I take this point, but that end-user experience is dictated by the user. More often than not, when I am wearing my Apple Watch, it is because I have put my phone aside so I still want to receive some notifications but I have intentionally set it up to not push through many notifications other than text messages.

I’m glad I kept my watches. And my, how nice it is to not have to worry about charging my watch overnight. It takes some getting used to, getting back to checking your phone for missed alerts, but at the same time the entire thing is freeing.

The aspect of it being ‘freeing’ absolutely takes time because the initial reaction is the exact opposite. Asking yourself, “What am I missing?” over and over again.

The other angle I take on this relates to an LTE Apple Watch. I feel like that version of the watch would give me the same that same freedom from a burden. The idea of leaving the house without my phone but still having the ability to contact - or be contacted by - people (especially important people) sounds awesome.

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