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Why 30 Is The Decade Friends Disappear - And What To Do About It

People grow on you, but you have to put in the time. That’s something we struggle to do as we get older and busier.

I was (unfortunately) biased by the handful of mentions of sororities and hashtag greeklife in this article but the overall point and tone resonated with me. Keeping existing friendships is hard and making new friends only gets harder as you get older. This line about needing to put in the time is something I have talked about with my wife before; that it is too easy to come home from work, play with the kid(s), eat dinner, get prepared for the next day, and just decide to call it a night. Or on the weekend to just set aside time for chores and errands as opposed to planning together for lunch, a coffee, or a BBQ with a friend. No matter how casual the get-together, it takes effort to pull off but it is an absolute necessity. It is mentioned in this article as well, but one of the reasons maintain relationships with existing friends is easier is because of shared memories together… it makes sense then that to really solidify new relationships, experiencing things with them would go a long way to making that happen.

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