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wilt rn 002 🎵

Here’s the second What I’m Listening To Right Now playlist:

  1. bülow - Not a Love Song
  2. Delaney Jane - Bad Habits
  3. Metric - Dressed to Suppress
  4. CHVRCHES - Graffiti
  5. Rhye - Phoenix
  7. Frank Turner - 1933
  8. Reuben and the Dark - Heart in Two

I am not surprised that it only took two playlists for me to show my heavy bias for female-led pop/indie/electronic artists. I am also not surprised that the 50% of this playlist is exactly that… every week my For You playlist on Apple Music is basically 40% female-led bands, 30% Dallas Green, 20% Canadian Indie, and 10% pop and/or folksy acoustic stuff.

wilt rn 002