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wilt rn 003 🎶

Here’s the third What I’m Listening To Right Now playlist:

  1. Twin Atlantic - Hold On (Acoustic)
  2. The 1975 - Somebody Else
  3. The xx - On Hold
  4. Your Boy Tony Braxton - Good (Enough)
  5. Metric - Now or Never Now
  6. Allie X - Little Things
  7. Dan Mangan - Fool for Waiting
  8. Dan Mangan - Sold

This one is a bit all over the place… the new 1975 album had me going back to some of their older music, the new Shad album made me want to listen his Tony Braxton side project, the new Allie X made me want to listen to Metric and the new Dan Mangan album had me digging up old favourites from a decade ago. Enjoy jumping back and forth with this one.

wilt rn 003