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With The iPhone 7, Apple Changed The Camera Industry Forever

The iPhone didn’t really start to cannibalize the camera business until the iPhone 4 came out, in 2010. ​ There are now nearly a billion smartphones worldwide capturing selfies, birthday smiles, breakfast sandwiches, Tuscan villages, and cats. In the past, such photos were taken by a point-and-shoot camera. Even today, the interchangeable-lens cameras and high-end cameras have their fans, so demand for these monsters still exists. But for how long?

On an infinite timescale, nothing last forever, so with that caveat, I do think that high-end cameras will be around for a long time. There is still a place for them and even when the cameras in our phones can take photos just as well as those high-end cameras, there will still be hobbyists that prefer the intricacies of using a DSLR.

This article was written around the launch of the iPhone 7 which is the first iPhone that I have taken on a vacation without taking my micro four-thirds camera as well. I still recognize that I can take better photos with that camera but the photos I get with my iPhone 7 Plus are absolutely fine - even when printing and framing them. It has its limitations that need to be acknowledged and accounted for, but so too do DSLR cameras.

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